Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Video Consultants NW LLC provides customized training solutions to fit anyone’s budget and training needs. Training in the discipline of digital media evidence and recovery requires expertise and knowledge of Best Practices, Non-Destructive Workflows, Methodologies, and the Integration of Standard Operating Procedures. All of the  training solutions we provide are focused these  key concepts in mind.  Being able to incorporate excepted practices while providing your investigations personnel with the latest solutions will  produce improved results for the judicial process as well.    -“From accusation to judicial presentation”!


Video Consultant NW LLC offers solutions to anyone who may be limited to in-state training . We know that in some instances,  personnel may need various levels of refresher training on existing software that was inherited through attrition.  If  you are revisiting abandoned equipment due retirements,  budget cuts, or need assistance in getting it back on line we can help by providing an onsite mentor-consultant to help you.      

Schedule Accommodations

Our training can be customized to fit the various levels/ranks of most agencies large or small. Accommodations can be made for all shift personnel to remain on their primary schedules meaning; we bring the training to their time schedule so there is no need for schedule transitioning or overtime. 

Targeted Training

Course content targets each rank within the agency meaning,  First -Responders receive training on the proper recovery,  basic understanding of DME and CCTV systems, while  while investigations personnel receive additional training on viewing, extracting and properly interpreting the visual evidence. In most cases the training and course objective/outcomes can be adjusted to fit in-service training schedules.

Digital Video Evidence: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced

These courses provides insight into all aspects of the proper handling and working with digital media evidence from acquisition to case prosecution.  After completing any of these courses attendees will have a better understanding of how collect digital video evidence correctly, store and transfer evidence, understand video formats and their effect in order to correctly interpret the visual events/actions occurring in the “visual display” of the video. How to process video/images correctly for exhibits and printing.  These courses are recommended for all;
• First Responders
• Crimina,l Civil & Federal Investigators
• Judicial Personnel
• IT Personnel

-Software /Hardware/Equipment Training Solutions-

-Video Examination for Investigators –

This two day course focuses on video driven investigations where digital video evidence interpretation is a key component within the investigation itself. From Use of Force investigations to both criminal and civil investigations, attendees are exposed to the latest techniques and methodologies to accurately interrogate the video evidence. Students will utilize a variety of software programs both freeware and commercially available.

This course is designed for investigators, prosecutors, IA investigators as well as first responders.

iNPUT-ACE is the platform used during this course, no prior experience is required for any of the software applications used. All computer equipment is provided. Certificate of Completion is issued to attendees who successfully complete this 16 hour course.

iNPUT-ACE is a product of Occam Video Solutions LLC. This course is taught as a collaborative partnership between Video Consultants NW LLC and Occam Video Solutions LLC.

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Avid Media Composer Basic-Advanced Coursesfor Forensic Video Analysis

This 3 day course is offered to anyone who has inherited or operates an Avid NLE (non  linear editor) with Media Composer 5.0 and higher. Training includes instruction on properly setting up projects, user setting, expedited workflow keyboard mapping, importing/exporting video and images, building video sequences for tracking, multi camera syncing, basic audio redaction, and apply their skill for working with cases involving digital video evidence.

Upon completion of this course the attendee will be able to create a workflow and process video for illustrative purposes. Certificate of Completion provided for Vendor Certification credits.

Training Courses/Lectures/Topics

Video Examination for Investigators Advanced Course.

Digital Video  Recovery and Processing from Digital Video Recording  Systems (DVR).

Digital Media Evidence Workflow and Case Investigations

Body-Worn Cameras /In-Car Cameras/ CCTV Systems; Are they the right solution?
Insight to Digital Media Evidence technology for Judicial Personnel