Pricing for Forensic Video and Image Analysis

Pricing is based on the individual customer’s request for services. Since there can be many variables related to deadlines, processing, printing, and the shipping of the work product and materials; fees are discussed and agreed upon during the consultation with our clients. Typically, a retainer fee is required before any work product is completed. The retainer fee and fee schedule is established at the time a Letter of Engagement is finalized.

Pricing for 3D Modeling and Showcases

There are many options when it comes to the 3D Showcase modeling. Depending on the application of the model, the options to consider are; Hosted URL (link), “subscription based” access to the “cloud-based” version of the model, an iFrame code for embedding the Matterport 3D Showcase™ into your website, 1920 x 1080 JPG images (from the scan) as well as the OBJ file of the scan (contains the 3D mesh and textures) for use in third-party CAD software. All of these options can be customized and calculated to fit most budgets.

For non-forensic customers, most local commercial and residential scans are typically estimated using a  base price of approximately $100.00 per 1000 sq. ft. (US Dollars). Typically a 2000 SF space will cost about $200.00. Depending on the location, complexities of the scan site, deadlines, as well as additional options, other fees may apply. (Remember, obtaining a quote is free!)

For customers requiring a combination of Forensic Video/Image Analysis services and 3D modeling combined, a consultation is required. However, the possibilities can be customized to fit the task at hand i.e. scanning a room to create an illustrative tutorial video (that works in the courtroom), combining the 3D modeling with video and images from CCTV systems, “Smart-Phone” captures, crime scene photographs and audio communications  can  illustrate the events in an immersive and intuitive way.  Additional fees such as; expert testimony, deposition appearances, travel, and conferencing all play a role in the final cost.


Retainer Fees and Services Rendered billings are discussed at the time of your consultation. Most billings are handled through an established PayPal account however,  Video Consultants NW will provide an electronic billing to our clients for our services using paperless invoicing.  As an option,  electronic billing can be processed using a  PayPal account.

For more information or to discuss options please call 1-253-517-8990. You can also email us from the “Contact Us” tab.