-What we do-

Video Consultants North West provides professional services in the discipline of Forensic Video and Image Analysis, Peer Reviews as well as, 3D VR scanning of Physical Spaces. Our consulting services include expert testimony in criminal and civil litigation, Peer Review, and Photographic Comparison Analysis.

You wouldn’t accept a person’s statement without “fact checking” the information first.  Why would you do the same with your video evidence?  Furthermore; Why would you accept the opposing expert’s report without “fact checking” it as well?    

With over 27 years of law enforcement experience the consulting services we provide can bring insight on procedural issues, protocols, Best Practices and can identify files/documents that may have been overlooked. With extensive multimedia background and investigative experience, we don’t just process the evidence! Research, analysis, and authentication of the source content is what we do before we interpret the visual content. Then, we compare the visual content with known information about how the video file was created and how the video file is being displayed during playback.

What about the opposing experts report? Do you understand it? Is it accurate or are they just “muddying the water” with misleading citations and references to best practices and documents (which don’t apply to your case) in order to get your client to take the plea deal? These are important ideals to understand (if they apply) but, sometimes, “conventional wisdom” prevails and jurors are often times more technologically savvy than they’re given credit for. Typically, they don’t want to listen to a ping pong match between experts. The court’s time is valuable and so is yours.

At Video Consultants NW, we can  collaborate with all parties in most types of investigations and litigation processes involving video/audio evidence in order to bring a clearer understanding of the events that are (and sometimes are not) present in video/audio during playback.

Additional services include; video acquisitions from digital video recorders and hard-drives, image extractions from digital and analog video sources, audio clarification, image enhancement, and video and image clarification and authentication.

Trans-coding media is often times another difficult task to perform. Extracting video files from today’s DVR surveillance systems and self executing video players with embedded video isn’t easy, and it’s not always done correctly… getting the proprietary files to play (correctly) is sometimes even harder to do (even by the manufacturer who designed the systems).

Getting non-playable video into a standard video format for investigative purposes, litigation or creating a video file for a criminal illustration to the Trier of Fact is as simple as contacting us!

3D VR (Virtual Reality) Services

Video Consultants NW also offers a revolutionary new alternative to the cost of expensive and time-consuming laser scans for crime scenes and physical space environments. With the breakthrough in “Next-Generation  Immersive Media,” we use the latest state of the art 3D HDR camera systems to create a 3D HDR (High Dynamic Range ) Immersive Media Models (referred to as “Digital-Twins”). This solution works for any business, construction site or physical space. We can even create immersive Digital Twin models for underground environments too!

Using Immersive Media-VR models to collaborate with insurance companies, engineers, architects and lending institution is an ideal way to improve your services. Expediting inspections from the office or confirming the completion of each construction phase (for the release of funds) is just another application of this technology. More examples include; As-Builds, Team Design Collaborations, Remodel planning, and Fire Evacuation floor plans. We can create a non-existent footprint of a nearly any space, and it can all be done from our VR models! This can also include providing 360 degrees high-resolution images and Point Cloud data that can be imported into AutoCAD, REVIT, 3DS Max or FBX programs.

Digital Publications Applications

Are you a writer for digital publications? Consider a hyperlink within your digital publication that can take your audience into the very environment you’re describing. Multiple models can be linked to each other and include HD 360 degrees panoramic 1920 x 1080 images.

Web Designer? Consider creating an embedded promotional link for the websites you design or even your own. Merging multiple 3D models together and combining other video formats to create an illustrative, informative, and powerful immersive tutorial video while keeping within your budget has never been so affordable!

“Tactical VR-360®” Services

Imagine if a First Responder knew before entering a school, airport or courtroom what the buildings lay out entailed. Or, while responding to be in-progress calls the 911 dispatcher could provide responding personnel with valuable
information about the locations, pass codes, alarm codes or hazards, direction of travel, access points or concealment locations. What if tactical operations could be rehearsed before entry is made? Sound too good to be true? Creating and having a Tactical VR 3D site survey (Virtual Reality -Immersive Media Model) for any high-value target before an event takes place is paramount to a successful resolution or event. Using Immersive Media Models and Ocular lenses to rehearse your deployment of resources is also possible!

Example: Public Venue-Multi Agency Response; How would you know before you entered what to expect?
Take the tour and re-ask the question knowing this was available.

Creating “Next Generation” 3D, Immersive Media models of high-value targets or venues for Special Events planning, Dignitary Protection, or Active Shooter responses is also a service we can provide. Video Consultants NW can provide these types of Immersive Video records for high valued locations, which can be stored on an iPad or smart device and accessed 24/7.

– “Know before you go!” –

Training – Online or Onsite

Video Consultants North West provides professional instruction and customized training to Law Enforcement and Judicial professionals as it relates to Forensic Video and Image Analysis, Video Recovery from digital CCTV and residential surveillance systems. Either through on-line collaboration or on site, we provide customized instruction related to Video Forensics techniques for case investigators, First Responders and judicial multimedia personnel.

For more information or to discuss options, please call 1-253-517-8990. You can also email us at VCNW@comcast.net or reach us from the “Contact Us” tab.