Applications For 3D Modeling

Judicial and Public Safety Applications

For our Judicial customers, creating a 3D Showcase™ may involve more than just creating a model.

Using the 3D model for  illustrating the events,  corroborate statements, laying foundations, and orienting the Trier of fact with still images (taken by a third-party or crime scene processing personnel) and overlaying them into a tutorial video.

For our Judicial customers, creating a 3D Showcase™ may involve more than just creating a model. Using the 3D model for  illustrating the events,  corroborate statements, laying foundations, and orienting the Trier of fact with still images (taken by a third-party or crime scene processing personnel) and overlaying them into a tutorial video.

Creating courtroom presentations, or a complete video package for demonstrative purposes (in a video standard format) may  be one of several options available. (See Professional Services)

Crime Scene
Explore the Crime Scene and “Find the Safe”!

Real Estate | Restaurants |Business

Virtual 3D HD videos are a marketing opportunity  for Real Estate Agents.  Providing a 3D Showcase model for your listings can serve many purposes. In addition to the Immersive 3D Showcase model experience (which can be toured anywhere in the world), high-resolution images are also be provided. Detailed information along with CAD Data information can be included too. This can be a bonus to the purchaser or their architects; when your clients need a set of  “As-Build” drawings (if they intent to remodel or flip a residence or commercial property). 

                               Matterport: 3D Scanning & Interior Mapping for Real Estate from Matterport on Vimeo.

With a virtual 3D HD video tour linked from your website, your business will be able to provide those looking for dining options on Open Table, Yelp or Foursquare a Virtual 3D experience when they click on your website. Using their smart devices or tablets, guests will be able to take in the view, sense the flare and ambiance, and best of all; tour all the gourmet dishes your menu has to offer.

4Gs Brew
Take a Virtual Tour of the Four Generals Brewing Company

With a 3D HD virtual video Showcase™, choosing your restaurant literally becomes a “virtual reality”!


For the Insurance Industry, having an 3D Showcase model for your customer’s property can serves many purposes. In addition to the immersive 3D model (which can be toured), high-resolution images can also be created showing detailed information about the property and structure, its contents (appliances), quality of construction materials used and furnishings. Using the 3D models can also help when underwriting policies, assessing replacement values of claims in case of; loss due to theft, property damage, and personal injury liability claims.

Construction Trade

For the Construction Trades, having multiple 3D Showcase models of the same property maybe something to consider. Creating a showcase for each phase of construction that can be viewed by the client, the banker and inspectors may be just the solution that provides everyone a time-saving trip to the site.

For Architects, the most time consuming task is going on site to measure and survey the job… not to mention the return trips. What if there were a way to save you up to 52% of your time and speed up the as built drawing process by as much as 2 times? Could you take on more clients then? Or meet demanding deadlines?  

Point Cloud
Point Cloud 

The “Point Cloud” data from the 3D Model scans, includes color layer, texture and mesh data that can be used in Auto CAD, REVIT and 360 Max Studio. Matterport_AEC_Points_Plans (Click on the hyperlink to download a pdf about reflective ceiling plans,  Hi Rez Floor-plan images and “Point-Cloud data which can also be downloaded) 

Consider using 3D Showcases to maintain  a visual documentation or create a “source of  record” long-term allowing anyone to revisit each phase of construction  years down the road in case of warranty claims and protect your business from civil claims! 

Underground | Confined Spaces

Video Consultants NW in conjunction with West Coast Concrete and Linings can provide 3D VR models and Immersive Assessment Reports™ (IAR) for confined spaces, manholes and lift stations without exposing workers to the hazards going underground. Reports contain GPS coordinates, Seamless 3D VR modeling, Hi Rez images as well as Point Cloud data on verticals and piping.  Information on pipe sizing, infiltration assessments and damage are combined together to give government entities the power to make informed decisions on infrastructure maintenance, assigning repair priorities, budget planning as well as post assessment the conditions for each of the locations should a natural disaster (flooding and earthquakes) occur. 

Sharing a 3D VR Model link with prospective bidders can eliminate change orders and cost over-runs that plague budgets. No longer can the “Low-Bidder” submit change orders for unanticipated repairs. TIP: Require a “Post Repair 3D Model” as part of the contract. That way, inspectors and engineers can tour the finished work without having to go to the site! (Dawning safety gear and respirators just became a thing of the past.) 


As an educator, you strive to provide your students with the best books, tools, and resources available in the classroom. Budgets often times can get in the way of taking student out of the classroom and into the experience. What if you brought the experience to the classroom?  With VR gear or a PC/Smart Device you can take your entire classroom on virtual tours-no transportation needed! Using 3D VR models in the classroom can inspire students to dream, image, learn and interact with technology…all at the same time!

Video Consultants NW will work with you, the administrators and the venue operator to create a 3D Model of the site(s) or exhibits you want to study; such as museum exhibits, historical buildings, or courthouses. We can even annotate the 3D models with details about specific references which link back to your curriculum.  Taking home an assignment that will “virtually” motivate your students to finish, could make doing homework fun again!

Explore the tools and resources used by early explorers!

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